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‘Hopia’ and ‘Bokya’

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‘HOPIA’ & ‘BOKYA’ – Two very popular words these days are “Hopia” and “Bokya.”the new meaning of “Hopia” is hopeful, hoping…obviously derived from that Chinese delicacy hopia, which rhyme with hope. And you know how showbiz lingo is, more rhyme than reason.

“Bokya’s” been around for sometime, meaning zero, failure, wala.

Example. Angeline Quinto’s “Hopia” for a lovelife, but always “Bokya,” Erik Santos not withstanding. Perhaps in time, Angge will find Mr. Right .

Another Quinto, Rufa Mae, used to be in same boat, “Bokya.” That is until a Fil-American came into Peachy’s life.

She’s said to be engaged…and pregnant.

Good luck, Angeline and Rufa Mae.

‘BOKYA’ BUT – Willie Revillame’s GMA game show, “Wowowin,” comes to mind (Monday to Friday, 5 to 6:30 p.m.).

In all of Willie’s game (“Putukan Na,” “Wil of Fortune,” “Tanong at Sagot”), no one comes home “luhaan,” meaning tearful, empty-handed.

For example, in “Wil of Fortune,” it’s a choice between “pera o kahon.” If the choice of “kahon” turns out to be “Bokya,” the contestant still comes home with at least P60,000. As Willie says, “Dito walang talo” or “walang luhaan.”

Now if, “kahon” turns out to be a jackpot, the contestant is an instant millionaire, with a house and lot to boot.

ONE AND ONLY – To date, only one “Wowowin” contestant won P1 million and house and lot. A British mestiza accompanied by her lola.

When Willie offered over a P100,000 the mestiza (she never met her British dad) already wanted to take it, saying “Malaking pera na ito.”

But her lola wanted “kahon,” thinking of the house and lot, explaining she wanted her apo to get out of the slum area, “Baka kung ano pa ang mangyari sa’yo.”

And so “kahon” which could have been “Bokya” remained the choice. Ah, trust Lola’s instinct.

By the way, even the audience, especially senior citizens and children receive gifts from Willie. TV, cellphone, products he endorses, and cash.

Of course, the pretty and sexy girls are big come-on, led by former Bb. Pilipinas Ariella “Ara” Arida. And Donita Nose is an effective co-host.

Come 5 in the afternoon, the child in the house, Meg Panganiban, reminds this columnist “Tito Ron, si Willie na.”