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‘DUTERTESPEAK’ – Print and broadcast media have taken note of President Roa Duterte’s language, “Dutertespeak” it’s called.

“Shabulized” refers to drug addicts who’ve gone “buang” (crazy).

“Tsuk-tsak” is sex, a variation of sorts of “tsugi,” which can mean, yes, sex. Or killed or dismissed – as in “na-tsugi” or “tsugi ka.”

“Lo-lo” can mean “Tell it to the Marines”…or jack off.

“Talkalese” refers to talking with – as in President Fidel Valdez Ramos going to china to talk to its leaders.
“I’ll kill you,” often uttered by President Duterte when peeved with criminals. Enrique Gil borrowed the threat when asked what he’d do to other men admiring his sweetheart Liza Soberano. Hope Enrique isn’t serious. Maybe not as he said “I’ll kill you” with a smile.

Other “Dutertespeak” are better left unsaid. Perhaps, the president should reminded he is no longer the mayor of Davao City, but the father of the Philippines.

LADY GAGA – When Lady Gaga was told that “Gaga” in Filipino means foolish or stupid, she laughed and laughed, admitting she was one.

Of course she is anything but. Offcam and offstage, Lady Gaga is wise and sensible. And truly talented.

Which can’t be said of local Lady Gaga-Rin. Actress who are into drugs, drinking, gambling. Often talking nonsense.

And how about those who squander their money and career “in the name of love”?

Of course, there are stresses (actors, too) who like the real Lady Gaga are “matino, matalino, mabait.”

No wonder their lives and careers are “havey” (meron) and never “waley” (wala).