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The sound of silence


Are you stressed? Sino ba naman ang hindi stressed sa mga panahong ito?

Stress causes an imbalance in people’s lifestyle. It affects our health, makes us sick.

Some psychologists suggest that in the face of too much stress, amidst all that noise around us, we can bring back our lives to normal.

How? By observing silence.

* * *

Elisha Goldstein in mindful.org said that “spending time in solitude is actually a very healthy thing to do – it gives us an opportunity to balance the busyness.”

She says we just need to take five minutes per day of complete silence to make a difference.

Silence is powerful. It helps the way our brain works. It provides peace and harmony to one’s life.

Being in silence can give you time to think deeply. Doing your work effectively is also one of the benefits we can get from silence.

* * *

Alex Lickerman, M.D. shared in psychologytoday.com that trying silence, once in a while allow people ability to listen carefully and to clearly view the hearts of others.

Self-control and wisdom are a few of its other benefits.

Prolonged periods in noise-polluted places is unhealthy. It can lead to high blood pressure and heart attack.

Slow down, enjoy a bit of silence. It can help you achieve a better and healthy day.

Simon and Garfunkel, straight from the mid-1960s, have a song to guide you, “The Sound of Silence”.

* * *

TRIVIA PA MORE (Various Sources):

Hinduism accepts a man’s right to commit suicide through fasting to death, called “Prayopavesa.”

* * *

Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms, including 188 staff bedrooms, 92 offices and 78 bathrooms, 514 doors and 760 windows.

* * *

“Mwahahaha” and “lolz” were added to the Oxford English Dictionaries Online in 2012.

* * *

Smiling gives the brain as much pleasure as 2000 bars of chocolate or $25,000.

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Donald Trump has been personally sued more than 70 times in federal court since 2000.

* * *

Snapchat was originally marketed as an app to send nude pictures called Picaboo.

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