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Duterte to reach out to Mary Jane’s family

DAVAO CITY – President Rodrigo R. Duterte said that he would like to reach out to the family of Mary Jane Veloso first before revealing any details about his talks with Indonesian president Joko Widodo on the fate of the Filipina worker on death row.

“There are matters that I cannot tell you know. I’m sorry. I’m not at liberty but maybe I can talk to the family first, before anything else,” said Duterte. “It would be improper really for me talking about it before I get hold of the family and tell them the developments of the case.”

Duterte said the case of Veloso was one of the topics discussed with Indonesian leaders.

“There were a lot to cover about security arrangements including the Filipinos who are in jail, facing charges in Indonesia,” revealed Duterte.

Duterte said that reaching out the Velosos was in keeping with proper decorum.

“It will not be in keeping with good manners and right conduct. Let me talk to the family first,” he said.

“Kasi ma-telegraph mo na, if I say something here, I’ll be telegraphing my message, whether it is really good or bad. You have to consider the feelings of the family.” (Yas D. Ocampo)