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Robin’s appeal, sex appeal


JUST A THOUGHT: Our fearlessness shall be our secret weapon. – John Green

* * *

ROBIN NEWS: At a recent media event, Robin Padilla made news on two counts.

First, he appealed to Pres. Rody Duterte on behalf of actors suspected to be drug users. The veteran actor asked the President to withhold public naming (shaming?) of actors, singers, and assorted celebrities who are supposed to be on government’s watch list.

‘It will affect their employment adversely,’ Robin said.

Second, Robin said he won’t be around to hold the hand of his wife, Mariel Rodriguez, when the latter gives birth in the US one of these days. Robin said he gave in to Mariel’s wish to deliver their first baby in the US where she can be surrounded by members of her immediate family.

‘They can give her the best care,’ he said. Robin and Mariel are expecting a baby girl.

* * *

ENERGIZING MEN: Robin, together with brother Rommel Padilla, met with media to announce their endorsement of Bravo Dietary Supplement for Men. Because of their celebrated status as men for women, the brothers, have been chosen as the brand’s celebrity endorsers.

Along with the product’s content and benefits, the true essence of a certified Bravo Man was discussed in the event.

Robin and Rommel are believed to be the most appropriate faces of a certified Bravo Man.

“Mabagsik” is Bravo Dietary Supplement for Men’s brand promise. Robin and Rommel are known to be just that among women.

Says the PR: Bravo is a dietary supplement that can give you an incredible love making experience with your significant other. Each 500mg capsule of Bravo contains maca root extract that helps increase fertility, jathropha that improves sexual performance by helping sustain a powerful erection and corynaeacrassa, a Peruvian aphrodisiac that increases libido and is commonly known as the “Peruvian Viagra.” (NESTOR CUARTERO)