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Changes, reforms will be forthcoming

The testimonies by witnesses in the drug-related House and Senate inquiries are decidedly revolting, exasperating and embarrasing. They reflect the extent of corruption in our bureaucracy particularly in the National Penitentiary under the Department of Justice, and paint a shameful and hopeless image of our country in the world community.

Filipinos, however, need not feel hopeless. In the 1920’s the US was the world’s model in corruption, but sound governance enabled it to lick the problem, pursue inclusive growth and become the world’s most powerful country.

Changes and reforms will surely follow in the wake of our present global embarrassment, and Filipinos will come to appreciate and thank President Rodrigo Duterte whose brazen inclinations no doubt triggered our current national imbroglio.

* * *

It is heartening to note that President Duterte has recognized the talents and merits of some of our media peers whom he has appointed to responsible positions in his administration. These media peers include Agriculture Secretary Manny Pinol, Presidential Adviser on Peace Process Jess Dureza, newly appointed Philippine Ambassador to the UN Teddy Locsin, and of course Press Secretary Martin Andanar.

* * *

Earlier this week the House of Representatives formally honored the first ever female Filipino, Janelle Mae Frayna of Albay, to become a Chess Grandmaster, which title she recently clinched at the 42nd Chess Olympiad in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Under House Resolution No. 12, adopted from a resolution filed by Albay Rep Joey Salceda, Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez presented Frayna a specially engraved plaque at the Congress rostrum, in the presence of all Bicolano lawmakers and in the company of her family.

Frayna, a 20-year old coed at the Far Eastern University, is Salceda’s district constituent. She won the title at a younger age than Filipino first Grandmaster Eugene Torre who won his title at age 22 in Nice, France in 1974. Her historic achievement, Salceda said, “is a source of pride and inspiration for all Filipinos and a testament to the world of our admirable spirit of competitiveness and excellence.”

* * *

The announced postponement of the October 31 Barangay elections is both good and bad news. It’s welcome news for inutile barangay officials who who could not even discipline their errant tricycle drivers from parking their vehicles in the middle of their community streets. It’s bad news for their constituents who have suffered from their local governance incompetence. (Johnny Dayang)