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Duterte to deal with China, Russia

If foreign businessmen cannot stand his foul mouth and his bloody war on drugs, President Duterte could not care less if they leave the country.

The President argued that he could always go to other allies such as China and Russia to seek investments for the country.

“Do not keep on complaining about my mouth because my mouth is not the problem, it cannot bring down a country,” the President said during a visit to a military camp in Cagayan de Oro City last Thursday.

“Ang issue dito hindi ’yung bu-nganga ko. And they would say (it would affect) the rating sa business, sa economy, then so be it. Lumayas kayo. Then we will start on our own,” the President said, referring to concerns that his drug crackdown might affect the country’s economic growth.

“I can go to China, I can go to Russia. I had a talk with them, they are waiting for me so what the hell?” he added.

Duterte made the remarks after Standard and Poor’s credit rating agency warned the Philippines about a possible downgrade over unpredictable government policies.

The rating agency took note of the “rising uncertainties surrounding the stability, predictability, and accountability” of the Duterte government amid. “We believe this could undermine respect for rule of law and human rights, through the direct challenges it presents to the legitimacy of the Judiciary, media, and other democratic institutions,” S & P said in a statement.

Duterte, however, offered no apology for his foul language against drug suspects and his critics here and abroad, saying he is not a statesman. (GENALYN D. KABILING)