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Sharon showed compassion in the company of prisoners

COMPASSIONATE SHARON – In a Congressional hearing about drugs at the National Penitentiary, a witness-convict mentioned Sharon Cuneta as one of the entertainers who sang there.

An explanation is in order lest the Megastar’s visit there be mis-understood, misconstrued. Yes, years back, Sharon visited the National Penitentiary in connection with a talk show she hosted on TV5. The compassionate Sharon talked to and mixed with the inmates…and even sang for them. She also met by chance a make-up artist (or is it hairstylist) serving time behind bars. It was a tearful reunion, showing how kind and non-judgmental Sharon was…and still is.

I used to watch that daily afternoon talk show and enjoyed every minute of it. She helped so many people, which is part and parcel of the show. Guests, mostly ordinary people, were always extended assistance, be it in kind of in cash.

One time, a mother was in need of huge amount for the surgery of a sick child. Right then and there Sharon pledged an amount and in no time TV5 viewers chipped in, including Big Boss Manny V. Pangilinan.

Did I say talk show earlier? Yes and more. It was also public service.

FUTURE PUBLIC SERVANT – When then Sen. Miriam Santiago guested in Sharon’s TV5 program, the lady was thoroughly impressed with Sharon’s intelligence and kind heart.

The senator “launched” a Sharon Cuneta movement for senator. which the Megastar didn’t really take seriously.

Come to think of it, Sharon will make an ideal and effective public servant in the future.

Why not consider it, Sharon dear?

MOVIE OR SOAP – Seriously now, I hope to see Sharon in a movie or soap.

Why not an offbeat role on the big screen, something like “Crying Ladies,” which she topbilled in a Metro Manila Film Festival years back?

And for a soap, “Central Station” comes to mind. The great Brazilian actress Fernanda Montenegroplayed a hardened spinster whose heart melted when she met a boy looking for his father. Together they went all over Brazil in search of that missing father.

The fertile minds of ABS-CBN writers can adapt “Central Station” in a Philippine setting, with Sharon and young boy (or girl) playing the lead roles.