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Duterte urged to ban e-cigars

The anti-smoking group New Vois Association of the Philippines (NVAP) is urging President Duterte to push for the passage of a new law, which will expand the list of banned products under Republic Act No. 9211 or the Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003.

In a statement, NVAP President Emer Rojas said there is still a need for additional legislation to further curtail the use of not only tobacco products, but also other similar nicotine-containing devices.

R.A. No. 9211 strictly prohibits smoking in public spaces like schools, airport and ship terminals.

Rojas said it should also include shisha and e-cigarettes since it also encourages the use of traditional tobacco products.

E-cigarettes have turned out to be a popular substitute to regular cigarettes and is usually allowed in almost any public areas including malls.
Rojas appealed to Duterte to consider endorsing a law, which will nationalize his anti-smoking ordinance in Davao City.

“Davao City ordinances versus smoking include prohibiting the puffing of cigarettes, tobacco, shisha (waterpipe), e-cigarettes (electronic-cigarettes), or similar devices in public,” said Rojas.

NVAP expressed its optimism additional government regulations restricting tobacco use will be passed during the current administration after Duterte recently reiterated his stand against its use due to its harmful effects to the health. (Samuel Medenilla)