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Word of the Year


WORD OF THE YEAR – “Hugot” seems to be the most popular Filipino Word of the Year. “Hugot” as in wanting to express feelings with much emotion and wit. Local movies have so much “hugot” lines. Used to be “kilig” moments.

Will the Filipinas Institute of Translation and Komisyon ng Wikang Filipino choose “hugot” as the Word of the Year?

Others being considered:

Viral – spread rapidly in social media.

Fotobam – spoiling a photograph, as that tall building behind the Rizal monument in Luneta.

Bully – hurting or frightening a weaker person.

Tukod – traffic jam.

Mem – expression on the Internet, combination of text, photo, and video.

Foundling – baby found after being abandoned. Think of Sen. Grace Poe. Because of her, the Supreme Court ruled that a foundling is considered a natural born Filipino. Bravo!

Lumad – indigenous people in Mindanao displaced by military operations.

Milenyal – people born in the late ’80s and early 2000s.

‘PAMBANSANG BAE’ – In showbiz, one of the more popular term is “pambansang Bae,” in reference to the phenomenal popularity of Alden Richards. The exact meaning is vague, but idol, dreamboat, favorite, craze come to mind.

Earlier, Alden would have been billed “crush ng bayan,” just as Aga Muhlach, Richard Gutierrez, Gerald Anderson used to be one.

While at it, remember “Pantasya ng Bayan” – Joyce Jimenez; “Materiales Fuertes” – Sunshine Cruz; “Syota ng Bayan” – Priscilla Almeda?

How about “Brown Adonis”? Then Mario Montenegro and Richard Gomez and now Derek Ramsay. Ironically, all three are mestizos, but brown-skinned.