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Du30 rejects torture, advises how to kill

President Duterte is opposed to any form of torture of drug suspects but gave a horrid advice on how to kill them.

“Torture is very odious to me,” the President said in his impromptu remarks at the Philippine Business Conference in Pasay City last Thursday night.

“If you want to kill the guy, fire a single shot, make your choice, head or heart. And maybe if you are still mad at him, his balls. Then tama na. Leave it that way,” he added.

Duterte made the remarks to dispel allegations that government forces were behind the string of extrajudicial killings of drug criminals in the country.

He insisted that he has not directed policemen to conduct summary executions of drug suspects, as alleged by human rights defenders here and abroad.

“Have you not taken into consideration that there were some military and police officers, generals there involved in the trade?” he asked his critics.

“Have you not really considered the cleansing or the purging process they had to do to save their necks?” he added. (Genalyn D. Kabiling)