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Erotic romance-drama of the year… any year


EROTIC – The erotic romance-drama of the year… any year.

That may well be the blurb of Regal’s “The Escort,” topbilled by Lovi Poe, Derek Ramsay, and Christopher de Leon.

Directed by Enzo Williams.

It is said that Lovi and Ramsay threw all cautions to the wind in the name of realism in their love scenes. How about Christopher? Well, even at his age, the erstwhile drama king has still the looks and body to bare and dare. And so why not?

Boyet – that’s Christopher – recalls that during his younger years in the ’70s and ’80s, and up to the ’90s, he did really erotic love scenes. In “Magkaribal,” one scene with Alma Moreno showed him only holding a puppy to cover his private parts. Alma was holding on to a tiny pillow… and nothing more.

The actor adds he was also completely naked when he rode a horse. No plaster, please. But of course the shot with horse was no sex scene.

Elwood Perez directed “Magkaribal.” Elwood who had his way of convincing his actors to drop their clothes.

PLOT – But back to “The Escort,” where Derek plays a gigolo, bitter that his fiancée dumped him a few days before a date with the altar. He was also abandoned by his mother at a tender age.

Lovi is left to take care of her siblings after their parents die in an accident.

Boyet is the real estate mogul who falls in love with Lovi, who Derek offers to the rich man. Actually, Derek’s in love with Lovi, but then being part of an escort company he had to resist his personal feelings.

Joining the cast of “The Escort” are Jean Garcia, Rommel Padilla, Dimples Romana, Albie Casino, and Jackie Lou Blanco.

Jean has her erotic share with Ramsay, who remains a perfect gentleman all the time… oncam or off. She thanks Ramsay for being one. Seems that Jean’s role is reminiscent of Vivien Leigh in “The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone,” lonely widow looking for the company of a handsome young man, played by Warren Beatty.

CONTENT – Needless to say, direk Enzo is content with the finished product. He says it was a pleasure and honor to work with such fine performers, “Walang kaarte-arte.”

He’s particularly pleased with Lovi and Derek, whose love scenes in bed, swimming pool, and other places are hot items in social media, in the Internet.

Well, let it be said that Derek and Lovi aren’t really new in the baring and daring game.

Direk Enzo assures viewers won’t be disappointed.