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Contractors hold dialogue

The Philippine Association of Legitimate Service Contractors recently held a dialogue with employers’ organizations in a bid to end “contractualization” – also known as “endo” – in the country.

PALSCON said the dialogue sought to unite them and find winnable solutions against endo. It came up with a draft manifesto and provided it to all the groups that promised to look and review the document.

As soon as all issues are thoroughly discussed, PALSCON and the groups will issue a joint statement regarding the result of their discussion.

Employers Confederation of the Philippines President Donald Dee said they welcome the dialogue regarding the issue.

“We are glad that PALSCON invited us to sit down with them together with other concerned groups and hopefully, we can resolve this together very soon.”

George Barcelon, President of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that they fully support PALSCON and the call to end endo once and for all.

“Time and again, PALSCON is at the forefront of combating illegal labor practices. ‘Service contracting’ is already a globally accepted labor trend. Our objective is to help educate the public and our Filipino workers and of course the government regarding service contracting and hopefully, we will reach our objective together with our partners here today,” Rhoda Caliwara, President of PALSCON, said.