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Cemetery used as drug den

When the residents dwelling near the Navotas Public Cemetery hear creepy sounds, they don’t expect ghosts, but rather, they know for a fact that they come from drug pushers and users.

“The creepy sounds are not from ghosts, but rather, from drug pushers and users who are sniffing shabu in the dark spots of the cemetery,” said a 58-year-old pedicab driver residing in Barangay San Jose, Navotas.

The pedicab driver was born and raised near the Navotas Public Cemetery in Barangay San Jose.

The Navotas Public Cemetery is situated in the middle of two private cemeteries. The other cemeteries have security guards, so they are well-maintained and off-limits to illegal drugs.

The Navotas Public Cemetery, according to residents, is not only a haven for drug personalities, but also a prostitution spot.

“If you want to buy women who offer sexual pleasure, the Navotas Public Cemetery is the right place for you. Drugs and women, you can get it here,” the pedicab driver said in Filipino.

“In the morning, take a walk there (in the cemetery) and you’ll see drug paraphernalia and used condoms on top of tombs. We got used to such,” another resident said.

Senior Supt. Dante Novicio, Navotas Police chief, confirmed that the cemetery is being used as a drug den and a prostitution spot. (Jel Santos)