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Davao ghost hunting yields odd results

DAVAO CITY – Not even their partiality for technology could make a dozen people get rid of their own curiosity about ghost talks.

12 brave souls of the Davao Digital Influencers Inc. (DDI), a group composed of passionate bloggers, video bloggers, and microbloggers based in Davao Region, went on a ghost-hunting spree around the city to see for themselves if ghosts really exist.

“We always hear ‘ghost’ and ‘scary’ stories pero sabi nga nila ‘to see is to believe,” said 35-year-old Celeste Noblefranca.

She was joined by Chito Samontina, 31, a featured influencer of DDI who runs the “The Basta Bisaya Show” page on Facebook, and seven other members of DDI and five close friends.

Samontina started everything by conducting a poll that will pinpoint top haunts of these supposed disturbed spirits.

“Hindi namin napuntahan ang top choice – Durian Hotel – kasi di pumayag ang engineer ng construction firm na humahawak sa hotel ngayon,” said Noblefranca.

Among the places that the team had visited include the Artica Sports Dome, Gap Farm, Lubogan Toril Public cemetery, Ulas Cemetery and Davao Masonic Cemetery.

“We prayed before we started. May baon pa nga kaming Holy Water na pinasa sa mga participants,” said Noblefranca.

Nothing eerie happened when they went to the Artica Dome but everything turned exciting and a bit frightening during their stop at the Gap farm where Noblefranca saw a floating white figure.

“Akala ko namalik-mata lang ako. Pero apat kami nakapansin sa figure. And hindi lang siya for a few seconds. Palipat lipat siya ng position – about 2 minutes approximately,” said Noblefranca.

To her surprise, Noblefranca said that the “white figure” appeared only after the team reviewed the clips.

“Nung nasa taas kami ang lakas ng hangin – malamig. Wala akong nakita kahit sa cam. Pero feeling ko I was being squeezed, biglang bumilis ang heartbeat ko then pinawisan nang sobra. My gut feel said we had to leave and so we did.

Pagbalik sa van I started having a headache,” added Noblefranca.

The group again had weird feelings during their visit to the Lubogan Toril, Ulas and Masonic cemeteries.

“It was a white figure of a man moving from behind the plants as if observing us (I’m having goosebumps again). Hindi lang ako ang nakakita nun, I think there were three of us. When we went closer dun sa kinatatayuan nya, cliff na pala yun. So impossible na totoong tao sya. Sadly, hindi nakunan sa camera,” said Samontina. (ANTONIO COLINA IV)