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Acting ‘duel’ with ‘the great Lolit’


‘THE GREAT LOLIT’ – Sharing the limelight with “the great Lolit” is both honor and challenge. Ask Nora Aunor and Vivian Velez, who co-starred with the great actress in “Ina Ka ng Anak Mo” and “Paradise Inn,” respectively.

“The great Lolit” is, of course Lolita Rodriguez, based for the longest time in California.

Both Nora and Vivian are equal to the challenge, expressing it is an honor (and a pleasure) to act with Lolit.

MOTHER AND DAUGHTER – In “Ina Ka” and “Paradise Inn,” Nora and Vivian play daughter to Lolit.

Directed by Lino Brocka, “Ina Ka” is centered on mother and daughter and the man caught between them, Nora’s husband played by Raul Aragon. Nora can’t bear Raul a child and in one moment of indiscretion he and Lolit make love, Lolit gives Raul the child Nora cannot.

The acting “duel” on the big screen between Lolit and Nora is memorable, powerful. They share the Metro Manila Film Festival best actress award.

Directed by Celso Ad. Castillo, “Paradise Inn” shows the conflict between mother and daughter “trapped” in a bar along a lonely highway. Lolit can’t stop Vivian from tempting bar patrons with a Salome-like dance. In the grand finale the bar called “Paradise Inn” is set on fire by Lolit, with Vivian imploring forgiveness.

Vivian wins the best actress award in the Metro Manila Filmfest, impressing one of the jurors, Nick Joaquin, thinking all the while that VV is only Body Beautiful. Turns out she is also a fine actress.

WITH CHATO – In the ’50s, Lolita Rodriguez and Charito Solis were top drama stars. It took almost two decades before Lolit and Chato appeared together on the big screen, thanks to Lino Brocka.

They are half-sisters in “Ina, Kapatid, Anak,” with Chato resenting the success of Lolit, who is also the favorite daughter even if she is illegitimate.

Movie viewers can feel the tension between the acting duelists, all for the sake of realism. Offcam, the two divas are cordial to each other.

Chato wins the coveted Urian best actress trophy for “Ina, Kapatid, Anak.”

By the way, even earlier Lolit and Chato shared the limelight onstage, in “Larawan,” playing spinster sisters.

Directed by Brocka.