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Pole vault out of the relationship

Dear Manay Gina,
For the past three years I have been the girlfriend of a married man. We work together. His wife really does not understand him, and he swears that if it weren’t for his young children he would leave their house in a heartbeat.

Without actually promising, he’s made me feel that, in time, we will formally and legally be together. Strangely enough, his marital status is not my problem. What is disturbing is that I’m quite certain he is seeing someone in addition to me. Sooner or later I have to deal with this new wrinkle.

Dear Cherry,
Having an affair with a married man is always bad news. The wrinkle you refer to is not so new. A man for whom a wife and a girlfriend are insufficient is a louse. Don’t be fooled, you’re not star crossed lovers. In fact you may be just the latest in a long line of ego boosts that he obviously needs. This romance will ultimately bring grief because you will come to feel jealous and betrayed. So why don’t you pole vault out of the relationship sooner rather than later, and save yourself some time?


Manay Gina

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“Happiness does not reside in strength or money; it lies in rightness and many-sidedness” – Democritus

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