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Let everything be over

Dear Manay Gina,
I had a bitter relationship with my ex-husband. Thankfully, I have moved on and rebuilt my life and my heart.

However, one nagging part of me says that I still have one thing left to do. I want to get even.

I have information about a fraud that he pulled off, when we were still together. Do I tell the authorities about it and watch him lose his job and possibly face a criminal charge? He would not know it was I who informed the authorities, because he thought he hid the fraud from me, too.


Dear Merly,
If the relationship is over, let everything be over. Yes, including your spiteful desire to get even. Though it is said that “revenge is sweet,” it can also be guilt-inducing.

Your bottom line is to evaluate the extent of his bad behavior toward you and your threshold for a guilty conscience.

Only you know whether a potential life-altering misfortune befalling him will make you feel pleased or remorseful. If you choose not to act, know that, at some point, he will get his – without any assistance from you.


Manay Gina

* * *

“Living well is the best revenge.” – George Herbert

* * *

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