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Proper use of escalator

Taking an escalator in going up or down a floor seems too ordinary that a lot of people seem unbothered if they are using it properly.

Escalator courtesy must be given more attention. Most of the time, we see people standing two at a time, quite unmindful if they are depriving their fellow citizens of the right to walk up the escalator, and the valuable time being wasted while standing behind them.

Quite frankly, we should be polite enough to stand on the right side which is the proper thing to do, and let walkers pass on the left. This little bit of information should be generally understood and practiced by everyone.

If you stop walking while on the escalator, always remember to stick to the right side so that others may have room to pass.

Stand on the right and walk on the left. There are Facebook groups and T-shirts in support of this concept, but why has it not been given the proper attention here in our country?

Why are there no simple signs near our escalators informing us of its proper use, especially for young boys and girls?

Some people believe this is due to a theory that having people stand on one side and walk on the other may lead to an imbalance of weight and cause escalators to break down more often.

Others think that a “stand right/walk left” rule is not being supported for liability and safety reasons. Escalator riders should hold the handrail to stay safe while going up or down and just enjoy the ride. Walking on moving escalators increases the danger of tripping or being injured.

Maybe the government should come in through the Department of Education, and have its instructors teach students on the proper use of escalators.

Owners and managers of shopping malls, hotels, and building offices should also take the initiative in providing people the necessary information on the subject.

Walkers can really get impatient while waiting for a chance to pass through two people standing side by side on an escalator. Although others may attempt to say “excuse me”, most people will simply remain quiet, wait and relax, than risk angering another person.

One stander commented that if the person is in such a rush, he should have taken the stairs.

People should accept that it’s all a give-and-take thing. Such a selfish position should not be the attitude shared by everyone on the issue of escalator use.

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