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PH might withdraw from ICC – Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday said he might follow Russia and withdraw from the International Criminal Court (ICC), citing criticism from Western nations for a rash of killings unleashed by his war on drugs.

Duterte described the ICC as “useless” and expressed frustration about the West’s allegations of extrajudicial killings and its failure to understand his crackdown on narcotics. He also appeared to blame the United Nations for failing to prevent wars all over the world.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an executive order removing Russia’s signature from the founding treaty of the ICC on Wednesday, and Duterte said he might consider doing the same.

“They are useless, those in the international criminal (court). They (Russia) withdrew. I might follow. Why? Only the small ones like us are battered,” Duterte said before his departure for Lima to attend an Asia-Pacific summit.

Duterte is seeking a meeting with Putin in Lima this weekend, which comes as he pursues an independent foreign policy aimed at weaning the Philippines off dependence on longtime ally of the United States. He has frequently praised Russia and China.

Duterte, known for his frank statements, speculated that Russia’s ICC move might be because of its air strikes in Syria.

“What could be the reason? I really would not know,” he said. “Maybe to protect what they are doing in Syria, the incessant bombing and the killing of civilians.”

Russia is under international pressure over the Syria air strikes, with some human rights activists and US officials accusing it of bombing civilians and civilian targets. Russia has denied those allegations.

The ICC, which the Philippines became a member of in 2011, has received an ear-bashing from the outspoken Philippine leader, like all those who have showed concern about his war on drugs and the more than 2,400 people killed.

An ICC prosecutor last month said the Hague-based tribunal may have jurisdiction to prosecute the perpetrators of the killings.

Duterte said he was annoyed about the criticism he had received and that “nobody was listening” to his reasons for having the crackdown, including US President Barack Obama. (Reuters)

  • greyman

    walang prob sa pag ayaw sa ICC at least di na tao saklaw nila ahhaha strtegy 101

  • jona

    playasin na ang bobong digong

  • baby

    buti naman at walang kwenta ang icc maraming patayan ang nagganap sa buong mundo pero di la kayang asikasuhin mga yan

  • YUmiko

    palamuti lang kasi ng UN ang ICC tagatakip ng mga pagbobomba nila sa ibayong dagat

  • greyman

    yan naman talga ang mainam na gawin ng pinas lalo ng nauna na si putin,. at least hidi si duterte ang nauna

  • Francisco G.

    Tama! Wala namang kwenta yan! May SC naman tayo!

  • Cynth P.

    Di naman natin yan kailangan na ICC na yan!

  • Justine Lo

    Okay lang naman na magwithdraw si digong sa iCC. Di ko naman nakikita ang tulong nyan sa bansa natin!

  • Cath Turman

    wala talgang kwenta si digonggong! Palibhasa walang alam sa mga ganyan!

    • Henry N.

      mas wala kang kwenta!

    • babart-gay

      bakit ikaw madami ba ang alam mo?mukha ngang hindi mo naman alam kung ano mga pingsasabi mo!

  • james mesias

    hindi nag iisip ito si digong kasi!

    • jake hernandez

      tangi ikaw ang hindi nag iisip! hindi nman sila im4tante na humiwlay tayo sa ICC lahat lang nman patayan ang nandun.

  • A_C

    hindi nman big deal na humiwalay tayo sa ICC hindi nman kasi im4tante yan saating bansa

    • shiela datang

      mas maramin pang pwedeng pag tuunan ng pansin dito sa ating bnsa.

  • shane lastimosa

    hindi kawalan saatin ang pag widraw ni digong sa ICC hindi nman sila naka tulong eh!

  • Rox{rey}

    okay lang naman niyan sus hindi naman yan big deal

    • toni Lorenz

      tama walang big deal jan in fact is not an issue

      • low wendy

        sus ang sabihin mo walng kwenta tlaga yan na Dutae na yan

        • Angie

          ikaw ang walang kwenta taaangggaaa pa!

        • nico.coneta

          mas maigi kung itikom mo na lang yang bunganga mo.

  • steve garcia

    ok lng yan, hindi nman importante sa buhay natin ang ICC!

  • anarose

    Iba din ang tama nitong dutae na toh.

    • delia

      yang kokote mo ang grabe ang taMA!

    • clarence

      iwasan ang inggit,nkakamatay pa naman yan..ahaha

  • victor arches

    If Pareng Digong carries out his threat to withdraw from the International Criminal Court (ICC), what happens now to the anti-Duterte plan to bring him before the ICC on charges of crimes against humanity and genocide? Sira ang plano nila…

    The ICC is now reeling from what looks like the beginning of a rush to the exits by members. Aside from Russia which just recently (on Nov 16) withdrew its membership, South Africa, Burundi and Gambia have also formally withdrawn from the ICC last October. Kenya and Uganda have also suggested they might follow suit. There’s even talk of a collective withdrawal by the African Union. Sudan is contemptuously taunting the ICC.

    Moreover, I foresee China, Taiwan, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Middle East and South America leaving and abandoning the ICC. Then, what would be left? Western Europe, the US and Canada. Many international observers have opined that the ICC is looking increasingly IRRELEVANT and the ideals behind it, increasingly QUAINT.