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Aguirre reveals plot to oust him from post

Justice Secretary Vitaliano N. Aguirre II yesterday disclosed an attempt to oust him from the agency by some disgruntled employees who are against the government’s campaign against corruption.

“The same misguided and tarnished employees are not in full accord with some of the actions undertaken by my office lately,” Aguirre said before DoJ employees during yesterday morning’s flag-raising ceremony.

Aguirre said that he does not fear leaving the government. “To the plotters, let me say this to you. I did not ask to be appointed to the DoJ. I did not seek this appointment,” he explained.

“I will not even lose a single night’s sleep if this post is taken away from me. I might even be thankful if I am removed. Hindi tayo kapit tuko!” said Aguirre.

Aguire warned the plotters they should not use government time and resources against him. (Jeffrey G. Damicog)