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Gabbi wants it non-traditional

JUST A THOUGHT: “Time can’t be given, but it can be shared.” – Cecelia Ahern

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SHE’S GABBI LOPEZ, REALLY: Imagine if she were known by her real name Gabbi Lopez, short for Gabriela Louise Ortega Lopez. And she’s working for rival network GMA.

The girl who shares the same name as the ABS-CBN head is turning 18 on Dec. 2 with a big-bang debut party held in her honor on Dec. 6 at the Marriot Hotel in Parañaque.

Gabbi, who is seen as one of the four female leads in toprater “Encantadia,” says she opted to drop her biological surname in favor of Garcia to avoid any complication or confusion.

“The fact that I’m with GMA made it worse,” she said during a Nov. 17 announcement/reception in Quezon City.

* * *

NON-TRADITIONAL YET TRADITIONAL: The young actress said she opted for a combination of traditional and non traditional coming-out party, being a millennial.

Side by side her 18 roses will be a mobile bar and disco, an after party.

I asked her if a grand debut party is all that important to millennials in this day and age. Gabbi said, yes it does matter much to her.

“I’m very sentimental. This debut party is a gift to myself,” she added.

Gabbi said that on turning 18, she’s ready for a change in image. “But I’d rather do it slowly.”

* * *

ALL-STAR CAST: Gabbi thanked GMA Network and her co-actors who have expressed interest in taking part in her special event.

The night promises to be star-studded with the likes of Dingdong Dantes, Alden Richards and her partner Ruru Madrid standing in line to welcome her in the adulting world.

Gabbi said she looks forward to adulting, making minor and major decisions yet still under strict parental guidance.

* * *

WONDERFUL TRANSFORMATION: Gabbi has been acting for barely three years. She was then a high school student at St. Paul’s College where she excelled in sports.

From portraying teenybopper roles, Gabbi transformed into a fierce actress when she took the role of Sang’gre Alena in telefantasya “Encantadia.” (NESTOR CUARTERO)