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Kerwin clears Albuera police chief

Alleged Eastern Visayas drug lord Kerwin Espinosa has cleared Albuera, Leyte police director Chief Insp. Jovie Espenido of involvement in the illegal drugs trade.

Director General Ronald M. dela Rosa, chief of the Philippine National Police, said Espinosa cleared Espenido during their discussion Saturday night.

“In fairness to him, Kerwin is gradually withdrawing what he said against him. Kerwin said the other night that in reality, Espenido is not corrupt,” said Dela Rosa.

In his statement during a Senate hearing, Espinosa tagged Espenido as among the policemen who received drug money from him.

Dela Rosa became emotional during the hearing, saying he was at a loss on who to trust among his men, noting that it was him who personally chose Espenido to head the Albuera police station.

“He said that whenever he would text, Espenido’s reply would always be a Bible verse. Ayaw kumagat sa drug money,” said Dela Rosa.

Espenido was placed as Albuera police chief after Kerwin and his father, slain town mayor Rolando Espinosa, surfaced as the main supplier of illegal drugs in Leyte.

“I still have no action on him because the investigation is ongoing, especially now that Kerwin is backtracking his statement and insisting that he (Espenido) is really clean,” said Dela Rosa. (Aaron B. Recuenco)