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New travel show has a charity component


JUST A THOUGHT: Sometimes, people are beautiful. Not in looks. Not in what they say. Just in the way they are. – Markus Zusak

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TRAVEL SHOW PLUS: Most travel shows capture the beauty and significance of places and people. New travel show, “Happy Life,” goes a step forward by enriching the format with a helping component.

Set to air its pilot episode on December 11, Sunday at 9:30AM on GMA News TV, “Happy Life” takes the joy of traveling and celebrating life along with hope of extending help to people in need. These include ordinary people the show’s seven hosts, beauty queens and models all, meet in the course of their travels.

Director Eric Quizon calls it traveling with a cause.

* * *

‘HAPPY LIFE’: Produced by White Lion Media Productions, Inc., “Happy Life” is a new Sunday morning attraction with its light take on serious concerns. Like encouraging others to pay it forward, initiating projects that could benefit the less privileged.

As producer Chavit Singson, the former Ilocos governor, said, the show is his way of giving back to the people.

Surprises on the show come through livelihood projects, shelter-building, and the like.

An episode shown to the media recently captured the joy in a man’s face when he was gifted with a barber shop that he could call his own. A lola in Samar was given a new house, also by the show.

As Chavit told the press, ‘I want to give away my wealth while I still can. I can’t carry my money to the grave.’

The giving is just one aspect of “Happy Life”. Its other objective is to transport viewers to the beautiful sights and sounds of the Philippine countryside, taste our delicious native cuisine, and enjoy local culture and traditions.

The show is hosted by Bea Santiago, MJ Lastimosa, Jamie Herrell, Giulia Zahar, Sophie Rankin, and Anthea Murfet.