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Leni & Co.

IS it President Duterte’s “destiny” to run into headstrong women for the duration of his political career?

With Supreme Court Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno, he had a battle of words until the CJ refused to oblige him on the second round. A few sparks flew with Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales. Flamethrowers are the weapon of choice in the ongoing war between DU30 and Senator Leila de Lima. Now it’s VP Leni Robredo’s turn to roast him; fortunately for the rest of the country, it’s the President’s men who are doing the talking and answering back (as of this writing, late Tuesday night).

For someone who makes a show of appreciating the charms of women, Mr. Digong has had his comeuppance from the fairer sex, not excluding journalists. In a so-called matriarchal society where the men are spoiled by their mothers, wives, daughters, and girlfriends, he has cracked unchivalrous jokes as he has also paid unwanted attention to the VP’s short skirts and “rounded knees” (quoted from Senator Riza Hontiveros’ quote). Between Ms. Leni, backed by her party, and Digong, defended by his spokesmen, the tension is felt by the people trapped in the middle: “It’s their feud, should we care?”

They cared that VP Robredo did the right thing when it was the only thing to do. She was smart and dignified and refused to stay one hour longer in a place where she was not wanted, in a position as tenuous as serving “at the pleasure of the President.” In contrast, the words from Malacañang carried a bizarre ring. One official cited “irreconcilable differences” as if a divorce were in the works. And if that was not sexy or sexist enough, the hint at a marital discord was underlined by the suggested inability of the two officials “to be in one room.”

Otherwise, the VP’s resignation was just another one in a long trail of VP’s who quit on the presidents that they could not stomach: Binay on Aquino, Guingona on Arroyo, Arroyo on Estrada, and so on. A commentator asked if there was a curse on the vice presidency. It’s not a curse, dear, it’s the Constitution that allows president and vice president to come from different parties. (Jullie Y. Daza)

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