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Avi calls Vina ‘low-life palengkera’


FORMER FHM cover girl Avi Siwa has called actress-singer Vina Morales a “low-life palengkera” after she confronted her at a high-end bar at The Fort in Taguig City.

“VINA MORALES – what can I say? You’ve successfully shocked me w/ ur scandalous drama last night & proven what people say abt u, that u are LOW LIFE PALENGKERA. I once lost my cool & class over ur cyberbullying act a year ago – when u humiliate me & my child, instigating this social media BS. I thought that by replying would show I was tough, that I was fighting for my child. Well I regretted all of that – such a waste of time & just way too low for my standards,” said Siwa on Instagram post.

“What u did last night at @bank.bar trying to provoke me & humiliate me (again) by picking a fight in public when I was minding my own business w/ my friends, coming to our table, taunting me like you’re someone who lives in the slums, shouldn’t really be what a 41 year old celebrity & a mother shld be doing – especially someone who talks about God so much like u do,” the former cover girl said.

“To ur big disappointment, I didn’t react & just ignored u. Why? Bec I will not repeat dealing w/ a low life again – not worth it. I also have two children to think about & words of God I listen to – I take my bible study very seriously. So NO darling, I will not & will never stoop down to that level w/ u & react violently just to prove a point,” added Siwa.

The social media feud between Siwa and Morales started when the actress allegedly meddled with the parenting duties of the model and her boyfriend French businessman Marc Lambert in 2015.

That time, Siwa just gave birth to daughter Victoria. Siwa and Lambert have called it quits. Lambert is now in a relationship with Morales. Since then, the two female personalities have traded barbs on social media.

“I made peace w/ Marc & very happy about that – I will not let ur tantrums go between our parenting again. If ur problem w/ me is ur tainted reputation – don’t forget u started everything w/ ur malicious comments on my IG – woman up & accept ur mistake.

“But if u’d rather choose to be like an uneducated person who only knows how to pick physical fights bec u can’t converse intelligently & privately when there are conflicts, I really feel sorry for u – u have a lot of growing up & bible studies to do. I’ve put everything behind, focused on my two angels & enjoying my life – u should too.

“U hv a child, relationship & a wonderful career – be grateful for it. I forgive u despite everything & I’m happy that I could finally say this to u. I’m ready to talk peacefully next time we see each other again, but only if u can speak like a lady too. God showed me kindness, humility & self-control. I wish he shows you these too bec I’m finally at peace w/ myself & extremely happy – even being a single mother,” added Siwa.

As of Wednesday, Morales has not reacted to the new social media post of Siwa.