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Bato bares New Year’s resolution

Yes, Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa is a believer of New Year’s resolution but critics should not expect that it would something to do with the illegal drugs war.

Instead, what the Philippine National Police (PNP) chief has in mind is about his physical fitness in order to have a longer life.

“My New Year’s Resolution? I will see to it that I will have more time for myself. I forgot about myself in 2016 because I was really focused on my job,” said dela Rosa in a television interview.

Dela Rosa said that that his job afford gives him no more time to go back to his daily routine, that includes exercise.

Dela Rosa is known to be a health buff, which earned him the moniker Bato for having toned muscles.

But since his appointment as the top cop in July 1 this year, dela Rosa admitted that even his time for his family is already being eaten by paperworks and other activities that are part of the job description of the PNP Chief.

The biggest part of his time in his six months as PNP Chief was devoted to the campaign against illegal drugs as the PNP ended today the six-month deadline to have supposedly finished off the illegal drugs problems in the country. (Aaron Recuenco)