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Did you say you’re Usain Bolt?

MANCHESTER, England (AP) – Manchester United’s in-house television channel received a shock when Usain Bolt called up to discuss Saturday’s 2-1 win over Middlesbrough in the English Premier League.

In the post-match phone-in , MUTV presenter Mandy Henry introduced the next caller as a “Usain from Jamaica’’ but then added: “It’s not Usain Bolt is it?’’

The six-time Olympic champion replied: “It is Usain Bolt’’.

Henry still looked disbelieving as Bolt delivered his post-match analysis.

“They came through like the old Manchester United,’’ Bolt said. “They came through and pushed on and persevered, the Manchester United way. It was a great match, I am very happy about this.’’

The Jamaican sprinter tweeted to confirm he was the caller and Henry replied : “Sorry Usain – we didn’t think it was you! Enjoy your celebrations in Jamaica & call again after West Ham on Monday night!’’