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Lacson: Duterte should now focus on corruption

After six months of being in power, Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson said President Duterte should now shift his focus away from the war on drugs to other significant issues in society this New Year.

Lacson said the President should consider resolving other vital issues affecting the country, like corruption.

“Corruption in government is one area where he can really make a difference, owing to his political will and resoluteness in getting things done,” Lacson said in his pre-New Year statement.

“Once corruption is eradicated, many great things can happen to our country as a matter of course,” the senator said.
Lacson said he believes it is time for the President to become multi-dimensional, “not later, but starting New Year’s Day.”

Besides, the anti-illegal drug campaign is being addressed already with more than enough vigor by the country’s law enforcement agencies, and thus he should rely particularly on the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), the Philippine National Police (PNP), and the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to do the job.

“He can still be the driving force behind the scene,” Lacson said.

Duterte has welcomed the New Year asking people to be the government’s partners in the fight against illegal drugs, crime and corruption.

He pushed for his administration’s goals even as concerns over human rights issues on his illegal drug campaign dominated last year.

Lacson, however, said he believes Duterte can very well be the country’s best president it ever had if he starts learning to be a statesman.

“He could very well be the best president we’ve ever had if he learns to discard some old habits of a mayor and develop some good traits of a national leader,” Lacson said.

“For a start, he can ‘Google’ how to become a real statesman,” he said.

It is also at this point, Lacson said that the President can make use of Singapore’s experience as a role model for him to follow.

“The bottom line for me is, I want him to succeed because like him and most Filipinos, I also love my country. There may not be a better gift that my and the President’s generation can bequeath to the next generation than a proud Filipino nation worthy of respect from all the other countries in the world,” the lawmaker said.

“Singapore sans dictatorial rule should serve as a good role model for him to follow,” he added. (HANNAH TORREGOZA)