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Palace sees more gains under Digong

President Duterte hit the ground running in his first six months in office and is expected to accomplish more in the succeeding months and years, Malacañang said.

This as Duterte promised to continue to serve Filipinos faithfully.

“Sincerely really I wish that I could impose things in our country. And nandiyan ho ‘yung passion ko to serve,” he said in an interview over government-run PTV 4 as 2016 came to a close.

He admitted though that “my rage inside me sometimes brings forth words that are not usually or should not be coming from the mouth of the President.”

“It’s about too late in the day, huli na na mag-apologize ako. It’s my character. Just live with it, basta ako ta-trabaho lang,” he added.

“I wish i could be more kind to you fellowmen. But there’s a task to be done and I will do it even if I put my life and presidency at stake,” Duterte further said, as he vowed to continue to work to achieve his election promise to eradicate corruption, criminality, and illegal drugs.

“That is my promise, non-negotiable ako diyan,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, Communications Secretary Martin Andanar, said that “the President hit the ground running in the first six months and we expect much more will be done in the succeeding months and years.”

After all, he said, “the President’s heart is in the right place and he has only the interests of the Filipino people and the nation in his mind first and foremost.”

Anadanar made the statement as he noted that in just half a year, the nation has already witnessed drastic changes in public governance characterized by courageous and compassionate leadership and constant performance.

Aside from his unprecedented anti-drug war, Andanar pointed out that the president had charted a new course in international relations with his pursuit of an independent foreign policy which means moving strongly and swiftly towards regional economic rebalancing for closer integration.

The Philippines, he said, has forged closer ties with ASEAN, China, Japan and Russia.

“As the President walked the extra mile for peace, the Chief Executive made the country’s economic growth the fastest among emerging Asian economies and lowered unemployment to its lowest level in more than a decade,” according to Andanar.

The Duterte administration likewise unveiled a budget to usher in the golden age of infrastructure and bring forth the promise of real change in the country.

To restore faith in government, he moved the bureaucracy to effectively implement programs that benefit the poorest.