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Matteo is action hero in ‘Across the Crescent Moon’


RENAISSANCE MAN – Athlete, actor, singer, endorser, businessman. Lover boy? Not really. He’s a one-woman man.

And now full-feldged action hero.

That’s Matteo Guidicelli for you. Fil-Italian. Dad is Italian businessman based in Cebu, where Matteo’s mother comes from, belonging to the illustrious Fernan clan. Matteo’s grandfather is cousin to the late Supreme Court Chief Justice and Senate President Marcelo Fernan.

“He is the quintessential Renaissance Man, one who is never afraid to discover new things to satisfy his thirst for life.

That’s how Grace C. Diaz of “Star Studio” magazine describes Matteo Guidicelli.

‘ACROSS THE CRESCENT MOON’ – Matteo achieves full-fledged action hero status via “Across the Crescent Moon,” written and directed by Baby R. Nebrida for Gold Barn Int’l.

For the role of a heroic Muslim soldier, Matteo trained long and hard under Hollywood stuntmen and local fight directors Boy Soquerata, Val Iglesias, and Boy Roque. The consensus is Matteo’s got the build, stamina, intelligence and heart of an action hero. More than an action star, he’s an action hero.

Real-life soldiers in Mindanao and other parts of the country helped direk Baby and her staff in mounting the action-drama. No expense and effort were spared to come up with fine film. She says it’s an honor and a pleasure to work with Matteo.

“To think we initially considered other actors. But in the end Matteo turned out to be the best choice for ‘Across the Crescent Moon,’” says Baby.

CO-STARS – Matteo’s leading lady is theater actress Alex Godinez, playing his Christian wife.

Also in the cast: Christopher de Leon, Gabby Concepcion, Dina Bonnevie, Sandy Andolong, and Jerene Tan in an intruding role.

Sharing action scenes with Matteo are Joem Bascon and Ivan Carapeiet, who prove to be even match, scene by scene.

But let it be said that Matteo also excels in dramatic moments.