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Stress among kids can trigger asthma attack

Parents often complain how their children are too stressed out in school. Not only do children today carry heavy load – ang bibigat yata ng mga school bag ngayon – they are also much traumatized by too many homework and assignments.

A recent study that should be of interest to parents revealed that children facing more daily stress experience more nightly asthma awakenings.

According to Reuters Health, a stressful day may make a child more prone to an asthma attack. The attack comes with worse than usual asthma symptoms the next day as well, a small U.S. study suggests.

“Nocturnal asthma is an area that patients often talk about but there’s not a lot of research in child nocturnal asthma,” said lead author Dr. Caroline C. Horner of the Department of Pediatrics at Washington University School of Medicine and St. Louis Children’s Hospital in Missouri.

“When people talk about stressors they usually talk about big life events, traumatic experiences,” she wrote.

Yet, this isn’t always the case.

Daily life at school, the anxiety of a bad day marked by an unexpected test can trigger such an attack.

The study ran for 12 weeks during which time 46 children with diagnosed asthma with the help of their caregivers filled out daily diary cards with 42 items addressing nighttime awakening for asthma or other reasons.

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