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Liza and Enrique: It’s the real thing

Liza and Enrique

FOR THE SAKE OF – There are loveteams and love teams.

Many are “pang-press release.” Or gimmick and nothing more…if only to please fans who want their idols to be reel and real loveteams.

Or for the sake of their careers…seeing that loveteams spell success at the box-office. There’s this loveteam who really hate each other offcam, but they have to pretend they are so in love…as ordered by their studio handlers.

There are rumors that a partner in a popular loveteam is some kind of parasite …always in need of cash, which the other partner is always willing to dole out. That is until one day – yes, the other partner – realized enough is enough.

But of course there are genuine loveteams on and offcam.

THE REAL THING – Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil come to mind. LizQuen for short.

At times, they beat around the bush, calling their relationships all sorts of “titles.” Such as “secret lovers,” “the best and closest of friends,” “my other half but” (that’s from Enrique), “no tags, please.”

Well, the LizQuen loveteam is real thing…coming from people who know them well. One time when Enrique was in deep trouble – Liza came to his defense, right or wrong.

Real love cares and protects and understands.

No wonder then they don’t have to play make-believe onscreen…as theirs is the, to repeat, the real thing.

VALENTINE OFFERING – From Star Cinema this press release.

FALL in love with the blockbuster tandem of Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano in “My Ex And Whys” – Star Cinema’s much-awaited romantic movie this Valentine season.

Directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina, considered an icon in the rom-com genre, “My Ex And Whys” marks her very first film project with LizQuen.

Enrique and Liza play ex-couple Gio and Cali. Cali could not move on with the fact that Gio cheated on her and the two are reunited by an unexpected project that could bring them back together.

Gio wants to prove that he is a changed man but Cali refuses to believe him. The estranged couple flies to Korea for an event and Cali gets the shock of her life as she finds herself confused with her feelings for Gio all over again.

“My Ex And Whys” is the first movie of Enrique and Liza after the blockbuster hit “Everyday I Love You,” shown in 2015.