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Turmoil in PH tennis

Col. Buddy Andrada’s allegiance to long-time tennis backers and his attitude towards work were reasons why he decided to stay as president of the Philippine Lawn Tennis Association (Philta).

“They have been supporting me for so long a time,” Andrada said yesterday in the light of protest from the camp of another patron in tycoon Jean Henri Lhuillier.

The Philta held its election of officers last Wednesday and only the positions of vice-president down to treasurer were filled as Andrada, 80, admitted that he could not turn his back on Pablo and Edwin Olivarez.

Andrada, whose first tenure as Philta head began in 1986 and lasted until about a decade ago, had been elected as president last July 29 with no less than the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) serving as an observer.

But Wednesday’s elections didn’t proceed smoothly as Lhuillier’s group, also composed of former Philta VP Randy Villanueva and father Lito Villanueva and Virgilio Maronilla stormed out.

Lhuillier was expecting that Andrada would step down as he had promised last year owing to failing health.

But when Andrada felt that he had recovered, his supporters, the Olivarez’s and Manuel and Martin Misa, convinced him to reconsider and serve until 2019.

Andrade said: “I admit that I made a promise to step down but if somebody shows you their full trust and confidence, how can you say no to them?”