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15mon copy PSC commish sets three conditions before refraining from filing libel case in Cebu vs POC head.

Former PBA great Mon Fernandez is determined to file a libel case in Cebu City against Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) president Jose ‘Peping’ Cojuangco for labeling him as a “game fixer”.

“After talking to my lawyers, we’ve decided to file a libel case against Peping here in Cebu City,” said Fernandez, who now serves one of four commissioners in the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC).

However, Fernandez, who played mainly for Toyota and San Miguel during a storied career that lasted from 1975 to 1994, is willing not to proceed with the filing on three conditions.

“I will drop the case if he retracts his statement, issue a public apology and resign as POC president,” said Fernandez.

Last week, the 82-year-old Cojuangco, appearing before the PSA Forum, lashed at Fernandez for his alleged participation in game fixing during his playing days with Toyota, citing that he has personages who can attest to his bold claim.

But Fernandez, 63, insists that previous investigations on the matter did not prosper owing to the lack of evidence.
Fernandez became a staunch critic of Cojuangco’s leadership during the runup to last year’s POC elections when boxing chief Ricky Vargas was ruled ineligible owing to a technicality.

Told about Fernandez’s demands, Cojuangco, sounding piqued, swears he is not going to make any retractions and consider stepping down as POC president, stressing that he is ready for a legal face off.

“What does he want me to do? Kill myself?” said Cojuawngco, who is in his fourth term as POC president.