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Malacañang TV director found dead

A Malacañang television director was found dead Tuesday morning inside his rented room in Sampaloc, Manila.

Detective Jonathan Bautista, case investigator of Manila Police District Homicide Section, said 52-year-old Robert Linesis was lying face down on the floor when he was discovered by his officemates Abelardo Gragasin, 64; and Antonio Martinez, 55, inside his rented unit on Legarda St., Sampaloc about 10 a.m.

Linesis was last seen alive by his officemates last March 10 in Malacañang.

Linesis’ officemates said that they tried to reach him through his mobile phone but he was not answering their calls.

They said that a certain Director John Devries instructed them to check the status of Linesis after he failed to report at their work.

The two went to the rented unit of Linesis and smelled a foul odor from the room. They knocked on the door of Linesis but still the latter was not responding.

Sensing that something wrong, the two informed Chairwoman Filomena Cinco about their concern. They then forcibly opened the door and found Linesis already lifeless.

Investigation showed that Linesis was suffering from hypertension and high blood pressure.

Bautista said no physical injury was found on the body, which was moved to Archangel Funeral Parlor for autopsy.

A follow-up investigation is ongoing, police said. (Analou de Vera)