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Sylvia makes a scene in cafe


JUST A THOUGHT: “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” – Jimi Hendrix

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JUST PASSING BY: At a dinner with superlative drama actress Sylvia Sanchez, the star of “The Greatest Love” series, waited long and hard for her order.

When the plate of sizzling hot calamares finally landed, she told the waiter sweetly,’’ I didn’t order this. I asked for salpicao.’’

The waiter stood his ground. “No, Ma’am, you ordered calamares.’’

The issue was finally settled when I interrupted. I told Sylvia that I heard her order calamares and not salpicao.

Was Sylvia just being in character as Mommy Gloria, the Alzheimers-stricken mother of five in the top-rating ABS-CBN daily series?

* * *

JOHN LLOYD WON’T BE A SINGLE DAD: If he can help it, John Lloyd Cruz says he won’t take the path of a single dad.

The conservative Cancerian admits feeling envious of Toni Gonzaga, real-life wife and mother, his co-star in ABS-CBN’s Home Sweetie Home.

JLC plays dad in the highly entertaining three-year old Saturday night sitcom.

John Lloyd is set for a reunion film with Sarah Geronimo, “Dear Future Husband.”

* * *

PRACTICE DAD: Zanjoe Marudo says he has been in practice mode as a TV dad for five years and counting.

The tall, dark and handsome Batangueno believes it’s about time he became a dad in real life after his stints as TV dad in “Anna Liza,” “Dream Dad,” and now, “My Dear Heart.” (NESTOR CUARTERO)