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‘All out war…’

OR “All out peace”. This was an effective policy by President Ramon Magsaysay Sr. against the communist. An extant photo from Life Magazine shows Magsaysay as Defense Secretary marking targets with a smoke bomb on a Spotter Plane for AFP artillery. Aware of said groups beguiling and ideological bent for revolution, he ordered to “Find em, Fight em, Fool em”.

The onus to prove sincerity must not fall on a democratically elected Government pushing for “peace talks”. Magsaysay succeeded because said executive action provided terrorists a choice as to which half of the policy they sincerely pursued? Friendship or total war? Those who came forward to government, presenting their weapons, enrolling in a reconciliation process with a rebel-returnee program to start fresh (financial incentives etc.), are welcomed.

While those who insist in armed totalitarian blood-letting, can expect “No peace, no paralyzing co-existence or gray neutralism” as Magsaysay warned. This way, the parameters are clear on both sides. There can be no misunderstanding, temporizing, or duplicity. Since “peace talks” has been a boon for the CPP-NPA-NDF strengthening and recruiting partisans in the hills, orchestrating street protest, deceiving and agitating trouble in various sectors of our society e.g. laborers, farmers, fishermen, urban settlers, students, teachers, government etc. to include identified party-lists.

Recognized “far-left” Cabinet members must be asked where their loyalties are? To President Duterte or the CPP? If “peace talks” must proceed, it should be at the regional or provincial level. Localize the talks. End the CPP-NDF rapprochement. In truth, current “peace talks” are no longer about “peace” but political, economic, etc.

administration. The CPP sets the agenda for the talks with the end-state of establishing a “coalition government”.

Enough is enough. So much lives and blood trail the decades of war communism advance with treachery from Plaza Miranda Bombing to the latest ambush of four policemen (woman) in Bansalan, Davao del Sur. This is who the enemy is. Tigers cannot change its stripes. (Erik Espina)