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Beautiful Korea in ‘The World of Gandang Ricky Reyes’

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There’s more on the beauty of Korea this Saturday with host Ricky Reyes in “The World of Gandang Ricky Reyes” (TWGRR).

Popular beauty enhancements in Korea will be featured together with the new 7 Day beauty treatment product.

Filipino’s fascination with all things Korean will be possible with the assistance of travel expert, Travelpros.

FilHair’s first ever hairdressers’ competition on national television begins as TWGRR introduces the first weeks’ battle of the best in ‘The Hair Cut’.

Women with severely damaged hair from Hair Relax can have Cryo Hair Therapy as it is guaranteed to reconstruct and revitalize your hair.

Try Regold for kinky hair, SoftWave for dull hair, The Twist for curly ends, and natural wigs for hair loss.
Discover Ricky Reyes Learning Institute (RRLI) with branches in Manila, Cubao, Anonas and Fairview and be your own boss.

Tune in to “The World of Gandang Ricky Reyes” today, 9-10am on GMA News TV.