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Galaw-gallaw, mag-exercise

We are always told to move those muscles.

Galaw-galaw para mabuhay. The late Yoyoy Villame wrote a song, Mag-exercise tayo tuwing umaga, that has remained relevant till today and till kingdom come.

Exercise is good for your health overall. Nothing bad ever comes out of exercising (except for excessive exercising; overdoing it can be harmful).

When you exercise, the blood flow to your brain increases, therefore allowing the brain to function better. Also, your heart and oxygen rate increases too.

Lead fitness specialist Bruce Rife had answered a question pertaining to aerobics and its benefits.

Bruce said: “Aerobic exercise is considered by most experts to be the single most important component of fitness.

Studies have shown that people who do regular continuous exercise will live longer, have a greater work capacity, and will decrease their risk of coronary artery disease, cancer and diabetes.“

The benefits of exercise are immeasurable. Stretching and doing breathing exercises at work is advisable.

Even a simple 20-minute walk around the block is beneficially healthy.

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TRIVIA PA MORE (Various Sources): The best choice of coffee is without sugar. Administering too much sugar in coffee can wear off some of the healthy nutrients caffeine delivers.

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Gloria Diaz is the first Filipina to win the Miss Universe Pageant in 1969 held in Miami Beach, Florida.

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There are only three Filipinas who won the Miss Universe Pageant, Gloria Diaz (1969), Margarita “Margie” Moran (who won the crown in 1973) and Pia Wurtzbach (2015).

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According to Video48, Niño Muhlach was the highest paid child actor in the history of Philippine cinema.

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