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Pope Francis on love

POPE FRANCIS ON LOVE – Early this year, I received a 2017 calendar which quotes the beloved Pope Francis on love…from “Amoris Laetita.” The calendar is adorned with photos of the Blessed Mother and baby Jesus, including two with St. Joseph.

The photos were reproduced from paintings of masters displayed in museums in Rome, Milan, Venice, and other cities in Italy.

Pope Francis is a devotee of the Holy Family. While visiting the Philippines a few years back, Pope Francis said he has an image of the sleeping St. Joseph to whom he asks for special favors.

The Spanish-speaking Pope (from Buenos Aires, Argentina) called the statue “San Jose Dormiendo.”

QUOTATIONS – Here’s Pope Francis speaking on and with love, this Holy Thursday.

Love co-exists with imperfection. It bears all things and can hold its peace before the limitations of the loved one.

True love values the other person’s achievements. It does not see him or her as a threat. It frees us from the sour taste of envy.

Love does not yield to resentment, scorn for others, or the desire to hurt or to gain some advantage.

Love opens our eyes and enables us to see, beyond all else, the great worth of a human being.

Tenderness is a sign of a love free of selfish possessiveness.

Marriage is the icon of God’s love for us.

(More on love, as defined by Pope Francis, tomorrow, Good Friday.)