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‘Sanla ATM’


You don’t share it with others. You don’t give your PIN to others. You even cover your hand while punching in your PIN at the machine.

As much as possible, you keep your PIN code a secret.

But, despite that, how come there are people who, instead of keeping their own ATM, give it to someone else to keep for them?

This is what other people call as “Sanla ATM.”

What is happening? Is this true? Does this really happen? YES! There are many people who pawn their ATM cards.

At this point, you may be asking me: “What do you mean???”

Many people may not know about this, but there are people who pawn their ATM cards to friends, acquaintances, and even to strangers just so they can borrow money from them. Sometimes, people also use their ATM card as collateral to be able to advance their salary.

This is the EASY WAY that many people resort to in order to overcome their financial problems.

For those who are lending money: There is nothing wrong if you will charge interest. After all, the money that you will lend needs to earn as well.

However, there are lenders who take advantage of those who are very much in need of money that they charge very, very high interest. It ranges from a minimum of five percent, some may even be 10 percent but others will go as high as 20 percent per month. Yes, you read it right 20 percent.

If you borrow P10,000, they will charge P2,000 per month, P24,000 per year. Left unpaid, it is even higher than the amount you borrowed. It’s because of people like these that more and more people who are in need get buried into deep debt.

If you are sick and tired of being debt and want a way out. If you want to help your staff to be enlightened so they will stop borrowing and live within their means. You can invite me to your company or organization to give a seminar.

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