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Do our words sting?

In game shows, a distinct buzzer sound is used to signify a wrong answer. In real life, there is no such sound to alert us when we say something wrong, hurting, and unfair. There’s a little voice deep inside us that tells us something is not right, but in many cases people refuse to listen to it.

Inga Muscio said, “Words outlive people, institutions, civilizations. Words spur images, associations, memories, inspirations and synapse pulsations. Words send off physical resonations of thought into the nethersphere. Words hurt, soothe, inspire, demean, demand, incite, pacify, teach, romance, pervert, unite, divide. Words be powerful.”

What would a transcript of our words tell us? Pay attention to what we say when we are angry – when people hurt us and fail us. Do our words sting? Granted that we are hurt and disappointed – will a combative attitude and accusing tone change anything? A dialogue in which calmness, integrity, and respect are highlighted will achieve what a heated exchange of words can not. Relationships can be mended and restored when both parties carefully choose their words and are mindful of their purpose. There is always a peaceful way to address an issue. When two people choose to settle something amicably and peacefully, the result is win-win.

Even the kindest, most considerate among us tend to say a hurting or offending comment sometimes – because we are human and imperfect. There are, however, toxic persons who love to spew out negative words to make others feel bad.

They do it deliberately. Avoid these people.

What instances made us utter words we wish we never said? How did the situations affect us and our relationships?

Let us forgive ourselves for the hurts they have caused and strive to make up for them.

May our words encourage and heal!

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