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Meet Club Penshoppe hotties

JUST A THOUGHT: “Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.” – Peter F. Drucker
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MAGNIFICENT SEVEN: Two fast-rising actresses, a young actor-dancer who’s in the same promising category, plus an assortment of equally young fashion models make up what is known as Club Penshoppe.

Penshoppe introduced its global group of brand ambassadors, aptly called Club Penshoppe. Composed of dynamic young members from Penshoppe’s various global markets, Club Penshoppeaims to celebrate the youth’s power to inspire others.

Seven fresh faces represent the group in the Philippines, where they’re collectively referred to as #ClubPenshoppePH.

They paint a picture of the Filipino youth, a group that continues to triumph over hurdles to become a celebration of acceptance, diversity, and individuality.

#ClubPenshoppePH is composed of PBB heartthrob Tanner Mata and international model Tyler Mata, Spanish model Emilio Francisco Perez, young actresses Loisa Andalio and Sofia Andres, Brazilian model and former Teen PBB housemate Maria Fabiana, and Hashtag member and actor Ronnie Alonte.

Founded in 1986, Penshoppe is a homegrown fashion brand that has become a much-loved destination for casual clothes.

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Emilio is one of those carefree youngsters who would do anything for the sake of the gram. This Spanish cutie and former lifeguard calls the Philippines his second home and is known in the industry as one of the most hardworking male models today.

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On the outside, Loisa is just like any regular teenager. She’s charming, a bit shy, loves to shop, and enjoys desserts as much as the next person. But don’t be fooled by this ASAP BFF5 girl’s seemingly sweet and innocent appearance. Loisa is a true fighter, a rising actress and singer.

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He’s tall, good-looking, smart, and well-mannered. Girls love him and guys want to be him. After all, he’s dubbed as the Philippine’s very own Superman. So it’s no surprise that Tanner captured the hearts of Filipinos when he entered the Pinoy Big Brother house last year.

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While at first glance it’s hard to tell Tanner apart from Tyler because of their identical looks, it couldn’t be easier for those who know the twins better. Tyler has always been the more adventurous brother—often traveling to exotic places to experience new things. He’s also more mischievous.

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Armed with a big bright smile, a face worthy of her name, and a positive attitude, Maria is set to conquer the world.

This 19-year old international model is very passionate at what she does, easily changing her looks at the drop of a hat.

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There’s something about Ronnie’s Asian looks and seemingly bad boy appeal that girls can’t get enough of. He rose to fame as one of the members of Hashtags, a group of young dancers who are mainstays in ABS-CBN’s It’s Showtime.

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Aside from starring in some of the country’s most memorable television commercials and teen movies, Sofia is also known for her dedication to her craft. She’s a promising actress and dancer who spends most of her time learning new techniques to improve her work. (NESTOR CUARTERO)