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Andi launches Twitter rants vs powerful, rich family

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Andi Eigennmann has launched a Twitter rant against a powerful family with “lots of money.”

Eigenmann, 26, did not identify the family she was alluding to but her fans believe that she was referring to former boyfriend Jake Ejercito and his family.

Both Eigenmann and Ejercito have been at odds on the discussion of joint custody of their daughter.

“I still believe that real justice can prevail in this country. Even if you are up against a family w power and (lots of) money,” said Eigenmann in one of her tweets.

The daughter of award-winning actress Jaclyn Jose started off with the tweet

“I’d rather be a little nobody, than an evil somebody like,” she said. Then she followed it with a series of invective.

“Stand up for your right. Even if you stand alone!”

“Please prove to me that these people have hearts and it isn’t all about image to them.”

“I take to twitter because it seems as though they only care to take notice when its their image at risk.”

“Mahirap mawalan ng anak, pero mahirap din mawalan ng isang ina.”

“The biggest mistake I made was choosing you, over anybody else, over and over again.”

On April 6, Eigenmann has said that she is in favor of a joint custody for her daughter Ellie with Ejercito, during an interview on “Tonight With Boy Abunda” on ABS CBN.

“I also want that joint custody for Ellie and for him to be a part of Ellie’s life. Bakit kailangang idaan pa sa paninira? Bakit kailangang isali na naman lahat ng tao? This is what ruined everything! All the publicity and misconceptions,” she told Abunda.

Eigenmann was reacting to Ejercito’s filing of a petition for joint custody at the San Juan Municipal Trial Court, as represented by his lawyer Ferdinand Topacio.

“Actually anytime nahihiram n’ya si Ellie. Pero feeling ko, ‘yun ang theory ko na hindi n’ya masyadong nahihiram (si Ellie) as much as he wants kasi he doesn’t want to talk to me,” said Eigenmann, one of the stars of the Kapamilya afternoon drama “The Greatest Love.”