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Bianca King in a relationship with non-showbiz guy

Actress Bianca King has revealed that she is in a relationship with a non-showbiz guy these days.

“I’m in a relationship but again it’s all in God’s time. He’s my Bes. He’s not an actor. Sometimes if it’s in the same business, it doesn’t work for me,” said King during an interview on “Tonight With Boy Abunda” on ABS CBN.

“He’s very smart and open minded. He’s very supportive also,” said King who did not reveal the identity of her boyfriend.

Reports said that King’s boyfriend belongs to a political clan.

King appeared on the late-night talk show to promote “Pusong Ligaw” starring Diego Loyzaga and Sofia Andres. She plays Marga in the afternoon serye.

At the same show, King recalled how she lost her dream job last year.

“It was actually a year ago when I actually had my dream job which was to host a daily showbiz talk show. I always watch “The Buzz’ and I actually thought that it was actually fun to make a show something like that. Finally I was given the chance and then it was just taken away because the network that I was doing it had some internal issues so my show was a casualty of that,” said King.

She added: “Nung natapos yun naisip ko na finally I can live in peace for a moment. I wasn’t immediately looking for work. I took it as an opportunity to travel so dun I just spread my wings and flew to different parts of the world for a year.”

King, 32, admitted that it was expensive to travel around the world but she said that she found a way not to be expensive.

“It can be very expensive but I found a way to be not expensive. I converted my blog into a food and travel blog. I was getting emails from different companies to fly me all over the world and I did some pretty memorable stuff,” the actress said.

King also said that she found it different to be making teleserye in the Kapamilya network.

“Kakaiba! Nung umpisa ng hirap gumawa ng teleserye sa ABS-CBN. Pinagawa sa akin yung mga eksena ko sa pilot over and over until they got the right timpla of luha, emotions and voice and everything,” she said.

“Ganyan ang ABS CBN. So happy to grow as a performer here. When I got the groove, it started not to feel like work again and that’s what we aspire for right?” King added.

She also said that she is also close to actress Beauty Gonzales who is now engaged to be married.

“We enjoy travelling. We did our first trip last week. I’ll be part of her celebration. I hang out with Beauty and Norman,” King said.

Aside from television, King has appeared on several films namely “Birhen ng Manaoag,” “Mano PO 4: Ako Legal Wife,” “Mulawin The Movie,” “One True Lpve,” “Working Girls,” etc.