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Pacquiao turns table on trainer

It was a scene many times seen and reenacted at the start of a training camp: a sluggish and out-of-shape fighter being given a tongue-lashing by his trainer.

But it wasn’t the same case yesterday during Day Five of Manny Pacquiao’s buildup for his July 2 world welterweight title defense against Jeff Horn at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, Australia.

Instead of the boxer taking a word or two from his teacher, it was the trainer who was on the receiving end.

Apparently, Pacquiao is getting into training mode quickly that Buboy Fernandez is starting to struggle with the frenzied phase of the preparation.

Although he was just half-serious, Pacquiao ranted about Fernandez being off the mark in timing and endurance.

“Baligtad eh. Imbes na ang trainer ang nagsesermon sa boxer, ang boxer ang nagsesermon,” Pacquiao said, drawing laughter from the gallery.

One week into training camp, Pacquiao is beginning to long for long-time trainer Freddie Roach, who won’t be arriving until late this month.

Roach is still in Los Angeles helping other fighters get ready as well and as soon as the Hall of Fame trainer shows up in Manila, the atmosphere and training conditions would change.

During yesterday’s workout, which wasn’t exactly light and easy, Pacquiao was intense and smoldering by urging Fernandez to keep up with his every move.

Pacquiao focused on combination punching and counterpunching and usually ended his rat-a-tat combos with his money shot: a left straight aimed at the head.

In the next few days, it will be almost the same thing each workout but the phase will begin to intensify knowing that Roach’s arrival means one thing: no more hanky panky.

Still, yesterday’s training was serious and centered on the ultimate goal of winning big Down Under.