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Mother of Showbiz

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MORE THAN – Mother Lily Yu-Monteverde is true to her mother title. More than Regal Mother. She is Mother of Showbiz.

That’s how the head of a movie group called her, Mother of Showbiz, when she was asked to speak before a group of film executives.

While Mother Lily conceded that competition is inevitable. She said it should be healthy competition. “Di ‘yung siraan.”

She felt, and rightly so, that there’s room for everyone in showbiz. Be they mainstream or indie. ‘’Let’s support each other.”

Very well said as Mother Lily’s helped a lot of small filmmakers, the most recent being Perci Intalan and Jun Lana, who made “Die Beautiful,” an artistic and commercial success.

“PITO-PITO” – Mother Lily’s been wrongly accused of being anti-indie. “How could that be when I was one of the first indie producers?”

She recalled the years of the so-called “Pito-Pito” films finished in seven days or so. Quickie and cheapie.

But the truth is, it took more than a week – more than a month – to finish “Pito-Pito” films and that the budget wasn’t that low. “Tama lang.”

Well, Lav Diaz and Jeffrey Jeturian were products of “Pito-Pito.” Lav directed “Kriminal ng Barrio Concepcion,” “Burger Boys,” “Hesus Rebolusyonaryo.” Jeffrey directed “Sana Pag-ibig Na.”

Now that Lav is hailed abroad and that Jeffrey made hits onscreen (movie and TV), hope they haven’t forgotten their Regal roots.

MENTOR – Mother Lily was mentor to, among others, the likes of Charo Santos and sister Malou, June Rufino, Pong Mercado (mayor of Taal, Batangas). Perhaps hard to please and unpredictable, but really a compassionate and generous lady.

She was the favorite producer of the late Mario O’Hara and Ishmael Bernal, later National Artist. She gave the directorial breaks to, among many others, Joey Reyes, who megged the currently showing “Our Mighty Yaya,” starring Ai-Ai de las Alas and Miss World Megan Young, Regal’s Mother’s day offering.

Happy Mother’s Day to the Regal Mother and Mother of Showbiz.