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At long last, Chard, Angel together again

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AT LONG LAST! – For the past years, Highspeed’s been batting for a Richard Gutierrez- Angel Locsin reunion movie.

After all, their starrers with GMA Films broke box office records, notably “Let the Love Begin”.

Easier said than done as Angel left GMA and joined ABS-CBN. Chard stayed with GMA and starred in one toprater after the other. His record as primetime King remains unsurpassed to date. He was paired with other actresses, but they didn’t come near the success of the Chard-Angel starrers.

A few years back, Chard didn’t renew his GMA contract…making him a freelancer. The Chard-Angel tandem was then a possibility, but it didn’t happen. Meantime this columnist didn’t tire of urging producers to try the tandem.

Ah, but at long last! Star Cinema signed up Chard for a reunion movie with Angel… and included Angelica Panganiban in the cast.

MANY FIRSTS – Chard noted the movie’s many firsts. After more than 10 long years, he’s finally doing a film with Angel. It’s also his first time to co-star with Angelica.

Needless to say, Chard’s excited. All those years that they were apart, Chard and Angel remained good friends. Angel was chided for abandoning GMA, which built her up and made her the studio queen. Chard spoke in defense of Angel, saying that Angel was entitled to a career move. And Angel did very well at ABS-CBN and its sister company, Star Cinema.

Actually, Chard has appeared in a Star Cinema movie opposite KC Concepcion….whose title escapes this columnist.

Through the years, Chard, Angel, and Angelica have matured as performers. The many trials in life they went through made them so. They now have depth and sensitivity.

Looking forward to that reunion movie.

BACHELOR’S CLUB – Piolo Pascual is the most sought-after bachelor in showbiz. He’s already 40… and an unwed father. Which adds to his appeal.

Other members of the Bachelors’ Club, all over 40 and some in their ‘50s and ‘60s. Or even older. As they come to mind:

Eric Quizon, Rowell Santiago, Ernie Garcia, Juan Rodrigo, Richard Quan, Mon Confiado, Basil Valdez, Audie Gemora, Leo Valdez, Pepito Rodriguez.

The list is by no means complete.