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Solon: Siege well-funded

House Minority Leader Quezon Rep. Danilo Suarez has described the Maute Group attack on Marawi City as “well-funded” and called on authorities to check the supposed money trail of the Islamic State-linked militants.

Suarez said the Marawi attack is a wakeup call for the Anti-Money Laundering Council to do their job.

“An important aspect is money. Hindi ka pwedeng gumalaw na walang nagpopondo,” Suarez said.

Suarez said that a huge amount could be involved as the Maute Group was able to keep control of Marawi for over a week now.

He said that the Maute Group was able to place snipers in strategic parts of Marawi before the actual siege last May 23, preventing government troops from launching an all out assault against them.

“We’re just speculating, but if we are going to ask, where is this money coming from?” the House Minority Leader asked. “With a report like this, it’s high time that they should make a move.”

“Yang AMLC dati kini-criticize ko sila, magaling lang silang tumira ng mga SALN ng mga dating Chief Justice at kung sinu-sino pang kalaban sa politika, ngayon gamitin niyo ito sa national security,” he said. (Ellson A. Quismorio)